A Positive Mindset: The Secret to Success

A positive mindset. It is the secret ingredient, the magic elixir, and the golden key that opens the door to success. Some people just instinctively have it while others have to learn it. Without a positive attitude we are destined to mediocrity, but with it the possibilities are endless.

Do you remember your mother telling you, “You can be anything you want to be, as long as you put your mind to it”? Well, it turns out that she was more right than she knew! However, what she didn’t tell you was that “putting your mind to it,” meant more than just wishing and hoping.

The success mindset (or lack of it) is something that can make or break the new entrepreneur. It begins with the big dream, but must be accompanied by passion, commitment, prosperity consciousness, perseverance and faith.

Winning in business, and in life for that matter, is about what you expect of yourself. It’s about the belief that you can conquer every obstacle that comes your way in the pursuit of your goals. Success and failure are both self-fulfilling prophecies. Life has a way of giving us what we believe we deserve.

A positive outlook to the future is key. Unfortunately, even the most positive of us will encounter negativity in day-to-day life…maybe even from those closest to us. Sometimes, out of concern, even parents can discourage their children by telling them that what they want is not realistic. Some of our most self-limiting beliefs may come from our childhood. It is important to remember that such negativity often comes from a place of love and that we need to look past it and focus on our dreams. What we must be realistic about, however, is that achieving our goals requires a process that sometimes includes hardship. We always read glowing stories about entrepreneurs, companies, and celebrities that have achieved great success. They show us the beautiful cars, luxurious homes and smiling faces of their families enjoying the good life. But, we don’t always hear about the journey and the struggle that it took them to get where they are. There is rarely triumph without some defeat. Life is about being constantly tested. No one escapes it. How we handle it is what separates the winners from the losers.

Winners don’t see failure as an end, but rather as an opportunity to learn. They know that real failure only comes when we quit. A huge number of people fail at MLM businesses, for instance, because they buy into the idea that they will “make $10,000 in their first week”. Granted, that has been known to happen, but the majority of the time it does not. When those people find out that there is actually some work involved, they lose interest. Winners understand that anything worthwhile requires effort. They are the ones that have the true mindset of success.

Successful, positive people are also perceptive. They recognize opportunities when faced with them and know that they have what it takes to act on them. They concentrate on what they will do to make their endeavors succeed, rather than making excuses such as, “I have no money to invest in a business,” or, “ I don’t want to take the risk,” or even, “I don’t have enough time.”

Another important commonality of the successful people that I have known is that they come from a mindset of prosperity. Sure, it’s easy to feel prosperous when you are prosperous. But, these people were “glass half full” people before they were successful.

They never operated from scarcity, saying things such as “I can’t afford it”. Just saying those words evokes a feeling of discouragement and failure. If they wanted something enough they said, “What can I do so that I can afford it”. This does not mean acting foolishly or irresponsibly. It means choosing to find a solution rather than just accept that which is our present reality.

Those with a positive mindset also recognize that abundance is about so much more than money. No matter how meager our surroundings, there is always abundance…in the sunsets, the trees and even the air we breathe. It is the gratitude we feel for such things that paves the way for attracting even more abundance into our lives, often in the form of riches.

The commitment to what you are passionate about is another integral part of your journey to success. The winners know that they can never stop learning. The funny thing about learning is that the more we learn, the more we realize how much we don’t know!

I guess faith and perseverance work hand in hand. I, for one, would never have been able to move beyond my failures in life (and there have been more than a few) without my faith in a higher power and a belief in myself that forced me to keep on trying no matter what. When we don’t see failure as an option we can open doors to things we never thought possible.

Finally, it is crucial to maintain a healthy balance in our lives. Devoting time to those we love, eating well, exercising, and tending to that which enriches our soul is a vital part of our success not only as entrepreneurs, but as human beings in this grand adventure we call life.

To your success,

Wendy Tait

You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win. – Zig Ziglar

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