What I Do and Why I Am an Entrepreneur

My entire career, until a few years ago, was spent as an owner/partner of a design/build company here in Connecticut. I loved everything about it and knew that I was where I was meant to be. Driving by homes and neighborhoods that we had created, knowing that they will be there long after I am gone, gave me a feeling of satisfaction and continuity. I expected to do what I loved forever. But, I knew that there was something more I wanted to do.

As the economy and the housing market slowed in 2008, clients started canceling projects that were still in the planning stages. Once enthusiastic and eager to build, they were saying things like “I’m not sure I’ll have a job in six months” and “We’re worried that the house will not be worth the appraised value in a year”. I couldn’t blame them. I was concerned, also. But, I knew it was just a matter of time before the economy would be back on it’s feet and confidence would bring the housing market back. Maybe not to where it was, but to a place where people could once again feel that their dreams of a new home were within reach.

I knew that this was the time for me to explore a little. I wanted to find something that excited me. Something that was different, but wouldn’t take up all of my time so that I could still work on a new house or an addition when a project sounded interesting.  I also wanted a home-based business using the Internet. I figured that creating my own economy was the way to go right now. I had long been interested in Internet marketing, but wasn’t sure if the computer skills I had (limited, at best) would be enough.

I searched online, but couldn’t come up with anything except selling vitamins or exotic juices. Definitely not for me.

I examined what I loved most about architecture. Obviously, I loved creating beautiful spaces and watching the things that I envisioned come to be. But, I knew that there was more to it than that. As I designed the houses I always imagined how the families would live in them…where the furniture would go, where the kids would do their homework, where they would have holiday celebrations, etc. I made sure that there was a place for any special antiques or artwork the family might have. Finally, I realized that it was not so much about the designing and building of the houses as it was about the people who were going to live in them! It was about helping people realize their dreams.

I thought about how much I had enjoyed doing that. I also loved the challenge of building my own business and helping some friends build theirs by offering the things that I had learned along the way. I, in turn, learned from them as their companies grew. I knew that there had to be a way to use all the knowledge and experience I had gained over the years.

At about the same time, I became acquainted with a young woman who was making a great income working fewer hours than most people work at regular jobs. How did she do it? Internet marketing. Her company was in the enormously popular field of personal development, which had also long been a fascination of mine. I was no stranger to the self-help section at Borders. Always looking for a way to improve mind, body and soul, I’ve always believed that we can create our own reality with our mindset, good or bad.

Having always been a self-starter and the daughter of entrepreneurs, the next step in my life was a very easy one to take. Making a long story a little shorter, I bought my first direct sales business!

The concept was a little confusing at first, but I finally understood that when I bought the entry level product, used it and became knowledgeable about it, I could then sell that product. That was the first level of my business. It also made sense that if I bought the more expensive products and experienced them, they would become the higher levels of my business. My new mentor was wonderful (and patient) and I knew that I had found what I was looking for. I knew that since I had built a successful business once before, I could do it again. I was sure that I could even show other people how to do the same thing. Helping people find more abundance in their lives, personally and financially, has become a new passion for me that is not so different from my other passion of designing homes.

I am blessed to have found a new “family” of fellow Internet marketers, wonderful business associates and friends that I might never have known had I not made the decision I did. Because of the ingenuity of those responsible for the direct sales model of my business, I found a way to turn a threatening economy into a new business.

I look forward every day to the new challenges and triumphs ahead and the new people that will come into my life.

Make yours a rewarding life,


If you would like to know more about the company I chose CLICK HERE.

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phone: 1-203-775-8805

email:  wendy@wendytait.com

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