Entrepreneurs…Good or Evil?


If you have landed on my website, WendyTait.com, then something inside of you must yearn to be an entrepreneur. Perhaps you long to be one of those people who change not only their own life, but the lives of others as well. That is what this site is all about and I believe that this desire is in most of us. Maybe you have always dreamed of leaving your job and being your own boss. Perhaps you lost your job in these difficult times and are calling on your inner resources to discover a new path for yourself and your family. Maybe you have an idea that you would like to share with the world. Whatever it is that calls us to be entrepreneurs, it is a good thing and, I believe, an undeniable part of the human spirit.

Unfortunately, in recent months, the entrepreneur has been given a bad name. Class warfare has been promoted in the “99%” vs. the “1%”. The very wealthy among us are being perceived as evil and selfish. Is that true?

Forbes magazine gives us a list (Forbes 400) of those who are worth a $1billion or more. Granted, many of them have inherited their fortunes. But, at least 70% are self-made billionaires. Among the most notable of them is Apple’s Steve Jobs, who gave us the iPad and iPhone. Then there are the founders of Google, Starbuck’s, Subway, and AOL. What about Facebook’s founder, 27-year-old Mark Zuckerberg? There is no doubt that he forever changed the way we communicate socially. Are these people to be hated or admired and thanked for improving the lives of the “99%”?

Everyone loves a “rags to riches” story because it gives us hope. Those stories are what make America unique. That is where our prosperity lies…in the innovation of those of us who have the vision, perseverance, and energy to pursue their dreams. They are the ones that refused to give up no matter how many times they failed because they had faith in themselves and their ideas.

Maybe the real problem in our nation is frustration with unemployment, disillusionment due to failed government policies, and politicians who promise the world, but deliver little. Maybe it’s all the factory closings, foreclosures, and an all-around weak economy. But, blaming the wealthy “1%” is not only missing the mark, it is destructive. It aims at undermining the very thing that sets our country apart and makes it great…capitalism. It discourages pursuit of the American Dream.

So, maybe we should not make today’s economic problems about class. We need more successful entrepreneurs, not fewer. They are not our enemy. They are the creative problem-solvers and the hope for the future of our country. We should focus, instead, on how we can help ourselves. Taking personal responsibility for our own lives and developing our own entrepreneurial spirit is the surest path to becoming that “success story” that everyone envies.


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