Who Are You Going to Be in the New Year?

Who are you going to BE in the New Year? Does that question sound strange? Shouldn’t I be asking, “What are you going to DO in the New Year?

Your answers would probably be:

Lose weight

Improve my business

Pay off my debt

Save money

Improve my relationships

Those things are all fine, but they are not the answers to the question I asked, which was, “Who are you going to BE?”

In the world of business, who you ARE is the all-important factor in determining success.

BE…DO…HAVE. That is the order of success.

You must BE the leader others want to emulate.

You must BE the mentor others turn to.

You must BE the honest businessperson others can trust.

You must BE the benevolent contributor others are grateful for.

You must BE the rock others can depend on.

You must BE the authority others go to for answers.

You must BE the motivator who inspires others to achieve.

You must BE the dependable one who shows up no matter what.

The point is that who you are prepared to BE has everything to do with what action you will take and what you will ultimately Have.

So, get out there and BE all that you can be and watch the transformation in your life!

Happy New Year to all my dear friends and associates!

To your success,


Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude. – Ralph Marston

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