10 Business Resolutions for the New Year

As entrepreneurs and business owners, this is the time when we reflect on our progress over the last year and plan ways in which we will improve our businesses in the year to come.

I find that it is more effective to promise myself to do several smaller, goal-oriented tasks than to say something like “I will increase my income this year by 25%”. Before I make any resolutions, I re-evaluate my own performance over the past year. What could I have done to make my business run more smoothly? How closely did I stick to my business plan? Am I where I hoped I would be at the end of 2010? Then I decide what I can do to improve.

Here are 10 ideas for business resolutions for the New Year and a few tricks to help you stick to them.

  1. Reduce wasted time. Vow to spend less time doing things that do not generate income such as checking email, socializing on facebook, and general “busy work” designed to “get you ready” to make money.
  2. Let go of tire-kickers. Not everyone is going to be ideally suited to your business. Concentrate on the alphas that are ready to be leaders and forget the ones that have to be convinced to join you.
  3. Know your clients and future business associates. Understand their needs and be present in your conversations with them. Let them know that you truly care about them and helping them to solve their problems.
  4. Follow up. Promise yourself that when you say you will do something, you will DO IT. Call clients back promptly and meet your deadlines with time to spare.
  5. Stay focused on each task and FINISH IT before you move on to the next one. Action gets more results and respect than words.
  6. Promote your business. Getting new leads and customers is a priority if you want to stay in business. Promise yourself that, if you are not a great marketer yourself, then you will hire someone who is.
  7. Join a Networking group or create your own Mastermind group. By regularly talking to people who have common business interests, you will stimulate your own creativity and gain new perspective and spark new ideas to revitalize your business.
  8. Keep Learning. Make it a point to take courses, attend webinars, or listen to audiotapes. Vow to become an EXPERT in your field and then keep up with all the new ideas that can improve your business.
  9. Take care of yourself. Promise to exercise and eat right. Spend time on your own personal development. “Investing” in yourself will make you better able to handle your business challenges when they arise
  10. Be realistic. Don’t make your New Year’s resolutions so daunting that you will abandon them in a few weeks. Set small, clear, measurable goals and set a date by which to achieve them.

Be sure to write down each of your resolutions. By putting them on paper, you will increase your commitment to them. Post them where you (and everyone else) can see them. This makes you publicly accountable for the results. Also, review them periodically to check your progress. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments when necessary. If something’s not working, change it.

The fact is, that with or without New Year’s resolutions, the responsibility for the positive outcome of your business falls on your shoulders. But, any tool you can use to help you achieve your goals will bring you another step closer to success!

To your success in the New Year,

Wendy Tait

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