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A Scary Economy: How to Fight Back

As entrepreneurs, we spend our time earnestly building our businesses and providing for our families with the hope that we can create something that will be lasting and of benefit to our children and their children. That is what we were taught to do and what our parents were taught to do. But, something is [...]

Recommended Books:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Random House, 1960 The Traveler’s Gift (Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success) by Andy Andrews, Nelson Books, 2002 Mastering the Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success by Andy Andrews, Thomas Nelson, 2008 Planning Your Dream House  by Wendy Tait Buying Land to Build a House  by Wendy Tait [...]

My Audio Recommendations:

I like to listen to personal development audios whenever I get a chance while walking,  riding in my car, or just working in my office in the morning.  I find that they make a difference in my outlook for the rest of the day. They inspire me to accomplish more and relate better to others, [...]

My Video Recommendations

Awakening, the Movie is one of my top video recommendations. You will feel its profound influence on how you view what is important in your life.

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